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Key Aspects of Software Product Development Process.

It’s important to understand that development of a product is a quite specific software development process. Below is the list of the points that define product development:

UX/UI is critical

UX/UI determine the structure of the interface and the functionality. How it is organized and how all the parts relate to one another. In short, they design how the interface works. If it works well and feels seamless, the user will have a good experience. But if navigation is complicated or unintuitive, then a lousy user experience is likely.

Market based features

Understanding the trends of market and inclination your customer. The easiest thing to say is that a market-driven product is a result of real-time market research.

While conducting market search, following questions must consider:

  1. Is there an actual vacuum in market which can be filled by our product?
  2. What are changes your product going to introduce to your customers?
  3. Be specific about what customers need vs. ‘nice-to-have’.

Security is prime concern

Software security is not a phase but it is a continuous activity. Approaches to software security are frequently structured around potential malicious cyber-attacks. Software security also attempts to identify, protect against, and create solutions for existing vulnerabilities that are not the result of malicious attacks but are nonetheless harmful.

Software security looks to increase the integrity of software by testing and fortifying software at the various stages and environments it moves through during the software development lifecycle (SDLC) and following its release.

Quality of Product

Every Software Application Development Project must incorporate Software Testing Phase. Changing requirement too often causes speedy Software Development Life Cycle which results in hazards of releasing an application which is not stable or we can say that not a Market-Ready. The cost of fixing bugs which is not a Market-Ready can equal to 50% of the total Project cost. When you engage an independent Team of QA Professionals to conduct Testing activity, irrespective of the Project’s scope and frequency of testing needs, it can save your precious time and money.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement has many faces:

  • Improvements in Product are based on tiny changes, not only on major scenarios
  • Client ideas are valuable and always welcomed
  • Incremental improvements (agile development) are typically inexpensive to implement
  • Improvement should be reflective

On-time Support

Software support is generally technical support or break/fix services that are delivered for software products. On-time Support is key element in post-implementation phase. It has decisive role in success or failure of our Product.





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