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Office 365 Deployment and Adoption

We provide a customized suite of services to enhance productivity in the cloud as well as technology expertise to reduce cost and increase efficiency.

Adopting the cloud shouldn’t mean giving up anything—we believe it should be about getting more without compromising. It should work seamlessly together. Cloud Solution should fit your business rather than other way. And should get the security and reliability that any business expects.

Our Services offerings related to Office 365 and Azure are at the forefront of delivering the next generation of technology in the cloud to customers. Many of our customers are transitioning productivity applications today and developing their strategy for moving other workloads, infrastructure, and their development platform to the cloud. At Vaneera, we help plan, deploy, and support customer’s applications and infrastructure in the cloud too. This way we deliver an efficient approach for transitioning to cloud.

We work with customers and OEMs to carry out following process:

  • Readiness for Office 365: Readiness Assessment and documentation of change management to be introduced in the IT landscape of the organisation.
  • Office 365 Enablement: Office 365 Enablement focuses on provisioning new mailboxes on the Office 365 cloud service. Our Technical team will set up your identity management and other core infrastructure to enable Office 365 workloads.
  • Office 365 messaging Enablement: As part of your first step in transition to the cloud, we will set up and configure Exchange Online service to support simple mail coexistence and mail routing.
  • Lync Online enablement: We will complete the required setup and configuration work for the Lync Online service to support user presence and instant messaging.
  • SharePoint Online enablement: In this, we will set up and configure your new environment to support self-provisioning of SharePoint Online service features and functions.
  • Yammer Enablement: Initial setup for Enterprise usage and configuration of directory synchronization between organisation’s directory and Yammer. General usage showcase, administration, user feature enablement and usage management will be explained and supported by technical team.
  • Office 365 Pro Plus enablement and deployment: Our Technical team will configure and provision users to use Office 365 ProPlus. We will work with OEMs and customer to build specific plan to roll out the Office 365 ProPlus client to users.